Over 2000 Libyans Travelled Through Msaaed Crossing in 2020


Ihab Seif Al-Nasr, a member of the passenger registration committee for Egypt in the municipality of Tobruk, stated that 2,319 Libyans used the Msaaed border crossing during 2020.

In a statement to Akhbar Libya 24, Saif Al-Nasr added that the committee stopped registering for 6 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The committee has since resumed the registration process for those wishing to travel by land to Egypt.

Registration for males wishing to travel starts from the age of 18-45 years. Any male under or over the mentioned age can travel unconditionally, as are women and children.

Seif Al-Nasr emphasized that the registration is only available for residents from Ras Lanuf in the west to Msaaed in the east, and to Kufra in the south.

He pointed out that students from western Libya are allowed to register and travel through the Msaaed crossing, although they must bring proof of study from Egyptian universities.

The number of travellers allowed are 44 from Tobruk municipality, 22 from Musaid municipality, and 22 from Bir al Ashhab per week, with registration taking place from Saturday to Thursday.

Saif Al-Nasr explained that a passport and payment of 20 dinars are required for registration. The passengers will undergo a PCR test on the Libyan border for free and will be able to travel two weeks after registration.