Gaddafi Spokesman Calls for Reconciliation in Libya


The final spokesman of the regime of Muammar Gaddafi, Moussa Ibrahim, called on the warring parties in Libya to start a comprehensive national dialogue “to stop colonial countries from interfering.”

Moussa said that the drums of a new war are now beating in Tripoli, Misrata, and Al-Zawiya between various militias. He added that the only goal of the war is “to give the conflicting foreign powers a political and legal argument to continue to intervene in Libya under Chapter 7, and UNSCR 1973 on the pretext of protecting civilians.”

He said any real Libyan-led dialogue constitutes a “worrying concern to these foreign powers, as it pulls the rug from underneath.”

Ibrahim explained that, “the colonial powers, despite all their apparent differences are in complete agreement to ignite the fire of armed conflict in the country and extend the life of the Libyan wounds and crises.”

He stressed that any solution other than a comprehensive national dialogue is serving the agendas of foreign powers and will serve to destroy the country.