Turkish Military Aircrafts Land in Libya


On Friday, the Silphium Foundation for Studies and Research announced that it monitored the landing of a Turkish Air Force Airbus A400M military cargo plane at Libya’s Al-Watiya Airbase at 11:35 am.

The foundation said that, at exactly 12:25 pm, a second Airbus A400M military cargo plane was spotted landing at the Misrata Air College.

It stated that it had monitored 37 Turkish military cargo flights landing in Libya from 23/10/2020-25/12/2020.

The Commander-in-Chief of the Libyan National Army (LNA), Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar, said that there is no real value for celebrating independence, freedom, security, or peace, so long as Turkish forces are desecrating Libyan soil.

During his speech to mark the celebration on the 69th anniversary of Libya’s Independence Day, Haftar said that the colonizing enemy, in reference to Turkey, has one of two choices: either to leave peacefully or to be driven out by force.

Haftar’s comments came in response to the Turkish parliament’s decision to extend its troop deployment in Libya for a further 18 months.

He also threatened to use force against Turkish troops if Ankara does not end its interference in the North African country. “We will carry weapons to bring about peace with our own hands and our free will,” he stated.