Russian Imprisoned in Libya Threatens Legal Action Against Pompeo


The Russian sociologist, Maxim Shogali, who was released from Libya called on the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, to clarify his statements in which he spoke about the release of “two agents linked to Russia.”

In a message published by Alexander Malkievich, the Head of the Russian Fund for the Protection of National Values, Shogali asked Mr. Pompeo to clarify his statement.

“Did you mean me and my colleague Samir Seifan, who was with me in a Libyan prison? If so, I accuse you of lying. I intend to go to court to prove that you lied,” Shogali said in his message.

He pointed out that the Libyan authorities have not brought any charges against him and his colleague.

In May 2019, the two Russian researchers were arrested in Libya. They were released on 10 December and repatriated to Moscow.