Eastern Libyan Government Appoints New Chief of Internal Security


On Wednesday, the Interior Minister of Libya’s eastern-based Interim Government, Ibrahim Bushnaf, appointed Colonel Rafea Hussein as the new Head of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Agency for the eastern region.

The Interior Ministry said in a statement that Bushnaf also appointed Colonel Fawzi Mohamed as the Security Director of the Kufra City Directorate.

Yesterday, the Prime Minister of the Interim Government, Abdullah Al-Thinni, issued a decision to relieve the Chief of the Internal Security Agency, Major General Khalifa Hosni of his post. Brigadier General Muhammad Kamel has been named to succeed Hosni.

The eastern-based government is struggling to guarantee security in areas under its control. The Security Room of Greater Benghazi was established to crackdown on outlaws and criminals.

Libya has become the preferred point of departure for thousands of migrants wishing to cross the Mediterranean to Europe.

The International Organisation for Migration (IOM) announced on Monday that about 12,000 illegal migrants were intercepted and returned to Libya in 2020.