172 Turkish Military Flights to Libya in 2020


On Thursday, the Silphium Foundation for Studies and Research published a graph showing Turkish military airlifts during 2020.

In a statement, the foundation revealed that the total number of military cargo flights that took off from Turkish bases to western Libya was 172. This was during the period between mid-March to 30 December 2020. The foundation added that Turkish Air Force cargo planes made 105 flights using Lockheed C130 and Airbus A400M aircraft.

The foundation pointed out that a Government of National Accord (GNA) affiliated military cargo aircraft, Ilyushin IL-76 made 61 flights to Turkey. This is in addition to a Qatari Air Force cargo plane, which flew 6 flights using the Boeing C17 aircraft. The greatest number of these flights was made in May, as 39 military air cargo flights were as follows:

21 flights by the Turkish Air Force

12 flights by GNA planes

6 flights by the Qatari Air Force

40 military air cargo flights took place between the GNA and Turkey over the last three months.

On 23 October, the UN announced a ceasefire agreement between Libya’s warring parties during its facilitated 5+5 Libyan Joint Military Commission (JMC) talks in Geneva.