Will Ageela Saleh Become head of the New Presidential Council in Libya?


According to Fathi Al-Marimi, the advisor to the Speaker of the eastern-based Libyan Parliament, stated that many tribal and political participants in the ongoing Libyan peace talks have proposed that Ageela Saleh assumes the role of President.

In press statements, Fathi Al-Marimi confirmed that the Parliament’s Speaker, Ageela Saleh, agreed to take over the leading role within the Presidential Council during the transitory period. He also stressed that the Speaker has become a prominent candidate for this post.

Al-Marimi added that the ongoing political dialogue was taking place in a satisfactory manner, although conflicting views regarding the mechanism for choosing the country’s executive authorities have complicated political discussions.

He stated that all international initiatives give each region of the country the right to choose their representatives in the Presidential Council.

On Wednesday, Saleh renewed his commitment to the outcomes of the Berlin Conference, and the provisions of the Cairo Declaration. He also praised the political initiative issued by the Parliament as a realistic and peaceful solution to end the crisis in Libya.

In a televised speech, Saleh called on Libyans to realize “the dangers surrounding the country and to engage in the political process as it remains the only way to avoid the return of bloodshed.”

The Speaker also praised the great progress made in the various UN-backed tracks, indicating that the political settlement is close to being achieved.