GNA Forces Refuse to Reopen Misrata-Sirte Road


On Saturday, a force affiliated with the Government of National Accord (GNA), known as the Al-Samoud Brigade, announced on its Facebook page its complete refusal to reopen the coastal road between Misrata and Sirte.

The Samoud Brigade is led by Salah Badi, who has been included on the UN Security Council’s sanctions list in November 2018 on charges of destabilizing security in Libya. Badi has called for the expulsion of the UN-mission from Libya, describing it as a “sinister mission.”

On the other hand, the GNA’s Hiteen Brigade announced on Saturday that all its members and vehicles would be returned to their headquarters, in preparation for opening the coastal road. The Hiteen Brigade said it is committed to the outcome of the Joint Military Commission regarding the opening of the coastal road.

The GNA and the Libyan National Army (LNA) signed a ceasefire agreement in Geneva on October 23, 2020. Both sides have agreed to withdraw foreign fighters from Libya and to reopen the country’s roads.