Libyan MP Criticises AlSarraj’s Decision to Appoint Militia Leader As Head of Security Force


On Tuesday Member of the Libyan Parliament, Ali Al-Takbali criticized the Prime Minister of the Government of National Accord (GNA), Fayez Al-Sarraj’s decision to appoint Abdel-Ghani Bilgasim Al-Kikli, known locally as “Ghaneiwa,” as head of a new security apparatus.

“Al-Sarraj joins Karzai (Afghanistan) and Al-Maliki (Iraq) in sabotaging the nation from within, by appointing smugglers and murderers as guards of the people’s security,” Al-Takbali said in a tweet.

On Monday, Al-Sarraj issued a decision to establish a new security force, the Stability Support Authority (SSA). Ghaneiwa was assigned as head of the agency, with Ayoub Al-Amin Abu Ras, Hassan Muhammad Hassan Abu Zariba, and Musa Abu Al-Qassem Musa Masmus as the deputy heads.