Libya delivers Coronavirus protection kits to 17 municipalities


The Ministry of Health for Libya’s Interim Government has begun sending medical supplies to monitoring, investigation and rapid response teams in 17 municipalities across eastern Libya as part of efforts aimed at combating COVID-19.

The municipalities included were Al-Jaghboub, Tobruk, Derna, Al-Qobba, Al-Abraq, Shahat, Al-Bayda, Coast of Al-Jabal, Al-Marj, Jirdis Al-Abeed, Qamines, Zouitina, Ajdabiya, Salouq, Gulf of Sidra, Ijara, and Sirte. All remaining municipalities would receive their supplies from Saturday.

Minister of Health Saad Okoub stressed the need to continue to prepare all healthcare facilities in the country. This includes providing facilities with the necessary medical and preventive supplies, such as masks, antiseptic gel and cleaning supplies.