Libyan Airlines To Unify Company


Chairman and CEO of Libyan Airlines, Hamid Khaled Asbaga announced that an agreement is underway to unify the company’s board of directors. He added that a unified schedule will be drawn up for flights between the cities of Benghazi and Tripoli.

In a video recording, Asbaga confirmed the provision of a new plane for Benghazi to begin operations on 1 March.

Earlier this month, a group of Libyan Airlines employees issued a statement, demanding the aircraft detained by the aviation authorities in Misrata be immediately released. They threatened to stop all flights from Benghazi’s Benina Airport.

According to the statement, the employees demanded the competent authorities pay their salaries, which have been delayed for almost a year.

In November, a spokesman for the airlines in the east, Ezzedine Al-Mashnoun confirmed that the company’s plane was detained at Misrata airport by the Assistant Director of the airport, Hussein Balao.

Al-Mashnoun explained that the plane was on a maintenance flight to Misrata, and was prevented from taking off after the maintenance operations, according to an order from Balao.

Detaining the company’s only aircraft in the eastern region has resulted in all flights being suspended. The Libyan Airlines Spokesman held the airport management responsible for this incident.