Libyan MP: Unification of Libyan Army Impossible


Libyan MP, Ibrahim Al-Darsi renewed his praise of the Acting Head of the United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UNSMIL), Stephanie Williams for her patience and her study of the Libyan psychological state. He warned of obstacles and hindrances to the ongoing national dialogue.

In a statement to Alhurra news website, Al-Darsi said that there is great international pressure to form a unified government. He questioned, “how successful are these attempts at reaching radical solutions to the Libyan crisis? I am optimistic about the success of the attempt to form a unified executive authority, but we cannot sink into optimism that the Libyan crisis will be solved if there is consensus.”

He claimed that the government to be formed is a “crisis government,” proposed by the international community to “lift the siege on the Libyan people, and slow down the migration flow to Europe.”

“The international community wanted there to be a truce, I consider it temporary, and I think that Libya will remain like this, an eastern part, a western part, and a government in the middle of the country that gives the east its right and gives the west its right,” he said.

“We cannot ignore now that there has become Eastern Libya and Western Libya, and Sirte is the armistice line between the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Libyan National Army (LNA). It is like the 38th line between North and South Korea.”

He was asked if this line will continue indefinitely, or if a consensus will occur to unify the military? Al-Darsi replied, “I think that the issue of unifying the military institution is difficult, if not impossible.” He noted that it would take years to solve this dilemma due to the many contradictions, and the presence of mercenaries supporting both sides of the conflict.