Operation IRINI Ready to Monitor Libyan Ceasefire if Requested


The Commander of the EU’s Operation IRINI, Admiral Fabio Agostini stated they are ready to play a role in monitoring the ceasefire agreement in Libya.

‘‘IRINI is ready if the Libyan authorities or the United Nations request it, and after the approval of the member states of the European Union,” Agostini said on Monday.

He added that, the stability of Libya should be a goal for all those involved. Agostini explained that stability in Libya will contribute to strengthening security in the region, improving the living conditions of the people bordering the Mediterranean and their economy. He added that this would help regulate and reduce migration flows towards the southern coasts of the EU.

“This process may end on the day when the European Union’s military contribution will not be necessary, or feasible to support the outcomes of the Berlin Conference regarding a peaceful solution to the Libyan crisis,” he added.

Operation IRINI was launched by the EU in 2020 to monitor the UN Arms Embargo on Libya.

In January, the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres renewed his address to the Security Council regarding his proposal to deploy international observers in Libya to monitor the ceasefire agreement in Sirte.

Spokesman for the Libyan National Army (LNA), Major General Ahmed Al-Mismari said that these observers would include civilians and retired soldiers from regional groups such as the African Union, United Nations, and the Arab League.