Algeria Opens Border with Libya


The Algerian government has authorised the opening of the Debdab border crossing with Libya. It gave permission to export goods and the adoption of the zero kilometer point as an exchange point for the goods.

Algerian Prime Minister, Abdel-Aziz Djerad sent a letter to the Minister of Trade regarding the opening of border crossings with Libya and Tunisia, according to the Algerian newspaper Elbilad.

The authorities called on their Libyan counterparts to work on securing the border post and the goods to be imported.

Algiers also decided to postpone the opening of the second border crossing in Tin al-Koum with Libya to a later date, pending the establishment of the necessary administrative services to run the post. It confirmed that it will continue holding consultative meetings to assess the situation in Libya, and study the possibility of licensing economic dealers to enter Libya if the security situation permits.