Will Southern Libya Turn Into North Africa’s “Wuhan”?


The head of the Libyan Civil Society Commission in Brak town, Murad Jalgam, said that the Coronavirus pandemic had invaded the Zawiyah village and spread across many homes, warning that it might turn into “another Wuhan.”

In a statement to the “Al-Ain News” newspaper, Jalgam pointed out that the Zawiyah hospital will not be able to confront the Coronavirus outbreak, especially after the Brak filtration centre proved that dozens of people had been infected with the disease.

Jalgam stressed that southern Libya may witness a disaster if the Ministeries of Interior in the eastern and western governments of the country do not move to impose a curfew, in light of the weakness of medical capabilities.

In the same context, Munir Al-Shetwi, a nurse at Zawiyah hospital, confirmed that masks and medical supplies are no longer available in the hospital’s stores.

He added, that “the materials needed for artificial respiration are not available in the hospital, and the Ministry of Health in the Government of National Accord (GNA) knows and did nothing to solve this problem.”

Al-Shetwi explained that the pandemic may result in a rapid outbreak to the surrounding villages and areas if it is not eliminated in Zawiyah. He called on the World Health Organization (WHO) and local organizations to quickly handle the situation and provide medicines and supplies to Zawiyah Hospital.