Tripoli Prosecution: There was Not an Assassination Attempt on Bashagha


On Monday, the Libyan investigation authorities refuted the claims of Fathi Bashagha, the Minister of the Interior of the Government of National Accord (GNA) that he had been subjected to an assassination attempt last month in Tripoli.

In a report, the head of the North Tripoli Primary Prosecution Office, Omar Fakini confirmed that the incident involving Bashagha’s convoy was not intended to assassinate the minister, according to the evidence presented.

Fakini explained that the accident occurred as a result of provocations on the road by a vehicle belonging to the GNA-affiliated Security and Stability Support Body, consisting of Ridwan Muhammad Al-Hanqari, Murad Muhammad Al-Jurmi, and Ahmed Salem Ali.

He continued that the minister’s guards pursued the vehicle and began a shootout, leading to the death of Al-Hangri.

Last week, political analyst, Kamel Al-Mirash also rejected the scenario presented by Bashagha over his alleged assassination attempt in Janzour. He stressed that Bashagha had been quick to use the incident locally and internationally to put pressure on the new government to keep him in his post.