Woman Appears in Nigerian Court over Prostitution in Libya


An alleged victim of human trafficking, Frasanna Adejoke, on Monday divulged to Nigeria’s Federal High Court how she was lured to Libya for prostitution.

Adejoke, who was testifying in a case of human trafficking filed against her, claimed a recruitment company deceived her to travel to Libya for an employment opportunity.

She said she was then forced into a prostitution ring by two people, including Philips, who is a defendant in the case, and her Libyan partner, called Abora. “We travelled through Niger to Agadez, on and on we went until we got to Tripoli in Libya, where she introduced Abora, her Arab agent to me.

“Philips did not tell me why she took me to Libya and not Europe as she earlier promised,” she said. “However, I was deported on 25 April 2017, when the Libyan police raided the ring,” Adejoke told the court.

Justice Patricia Ajoku subsequently adjourned the case until 23 March for further hearing.

Libya has become the preferred point of departure for thousands of migrants wishing to cross the Mediterranean towards Europe. The International Organization for Migration (IOM) has reported that about 12,000 migrants were intercepted in the Mediterranean and returned to Libya in 2020.