Afriqiyah Airways Resumes Benghazi-Misrata Flights


Libya’s state-owned Afriqiyah Airways announced the resumption of flights from Misrata International Airport, after a 6-year interruption of the “Benghazi-Misurata-Benghazi” line.

The company added that it will have a first flight on the Benghazi line, and then continue successive flights, starting next Tuesday, the 9th of this month.

The company pointed out that it will operate two flights a week, in addition to the resumption of the flights of the “Misurata – Istanbul – Misurata” line, starting on Thursday, March 11th, with two flights per week.

In January, Afriqiyah Airways increased its ticket prices by 17%. The decision included all domestic and external flights.

The company has decided to increase the price of its tickets due to the new fuel prices valued at 0.391 dinars per gallon for domestic flights, 0.781 dinars per gallon for foreign flights, and 1.426 dinars ($0.32 US cents) per gallon for charter flights.