Al-Sarraj to Hand over Power in Tripoli Ceremony


Libya’s outgoing Prime Minister, Fayez Al-Sarraj arrived in Tripoli on Monday after the new Government of National Unity (GNU), led by Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba took its constitutional oath before the Libyan Parliament in Tobruk.

Spokesman of the outgoing government, Ahmed Onais, told the Italian news agency Nova that Al-Sarraj will hand over power to Dbaiba in an official ceremony in Tripoli. “Al-Sarraj will deliver a speech to the Libyan people, supporting the new government and will stress the need to hold national elections as scheduled,” Onais added.

Libya’s new interim Prime Minister, Dbaiba was sworn in on Monday to lead the war-torn country’s transition to elections in December, after years of chaos and division. A United Nations-supervised process is aimed at uniting the country, building on a ceasefire signed in October between rival administrations in the country’s east and west.

Dbaiba was elected during UN-sponsored talks in February, alongside an interim three-member Presidential Council. The PM’s swearing-in comes after the Libyan Parliament approved his cabinet last week, in a move that was hailed as “historic”.

Al-Sarraj’s administration has led the country since December 2015.