EU: We are Ready to Participate in Monitoring Ceasefire in Libya Once Requested


On Saturday, the European Union’s (EU) High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, Josep Borrell, confirmed the EU’s readiness to participate and cooperate in monitoring the ceasefire in Libya, provided there is a request from the United Nations (UN).

Borrel visited Rome where he was asked about possible cooperation between the European operation Irini and the UN concerning the ceasefire. Borrell said that “the role of the EU-led Irini is not to monitor the ceasefire, but to control the arms embargo on Libya. It was launched a year before the ceasefire and has nothing to do with monitoring the ceasefire.”

He confirmed that “this does not mean that the EU is not ready to participate and cooperate in monitoring the ceasefire,” he added. If the UN asked for support, I am sure that the EU and its member states will be willing to consider this request.”

The European official also confirmed that in the coming days he will present his candidate for the post of European Special Envoy to Libya to the European Foreign Ministers. He said that “the problem is that I have many good candidates and I have to choose one of them.”