How Many Turkish Backed Mercenaries Have Left Libya?


Sources of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) reported that a group of mercenaries in Libya from the “Sultan Murad” faction and other fighters returned to Syria during the past hours.

According to SOHR, the number of the mercenaries returning to Syria is estimated at about 120 fighters. This comes in light of the miserable conditions of the militants loyal to Turkey who are in Libya.

The sources told SOHR that the mercenaries are miserable because they did not receive their monthly salaries and dues, amid great popular dissatisfaction from them and their desire for an immediate return to Syria.

It is worth noting that the Turkish government had previously ordered the Syrian factions’ militiamen to prepare for the return to Syria, but such orders have not yet been fulfilled.

On February 13th, SOHR sources reported that the return of the Turkish-backed Syrian mercenaries was completely suspended. Some of the mercenaries in Libya confirmed that they were not asked to prepare for their return, in a clear reference to the mercenaries’ issue that has been suspended since mid-November 2020. Despite the Libyan-Libyan consensus and all international demands for the departure of foreign forces, mercenaries remain present in Libya.