Al-Habouni’s Tribe Condemns his Arrest in Zawiya; Demand his Release


The Al-Haboun tribe condemned the arrest of Abdel-Aali Al-Habouni, and the slaughtering of his ‘peace’ camel by a Zawiya militia, on Tuesday.

“We are certain that this disgraceful act only represents the perpetrators. Perhaps the sorrow and regret that afflicted the honest people of Zawiya is the same that we are suffering from,” the tribe said in a statement.

They called on the “honourable sheikhs of Zawiya” to intervene swiftly to release Al-Habouni and guarantee his safety. “We affirm that there is no life without peace and peace is life,” the statement said.

Al-Habouni set out from Libya’s far east on a peace journey to all regions of the country on the back of a camel. He confirmed that he would not stop until reaching the Ra’s Ajdir border with Tunisia, a distance of 1,900 kilometers.

He began the journey on foot from his hometown of Imsaad, which is located in the far north near the border with Egypt; to Tobruk after he had travelled 140 kilometers in three days. During his journey, he sent messages of peace and love to the residents of the areas he passed through.