Libyan Airlines Discuss Resumption of Flights from Tobruk Airport


On Saturday, Libyan Airlines officials discussed the possibility of resuming Libyan Airlines flights through Tobruk airport with the management of the airport.

The talks took place during the visit of a delegation from Libyan Airlines, including a member of the Management Committee of the company, Abdullah Hussein al-Gaddafi, and heads of the accounts, procurement, revenue, and public services departments. The meeting was also attended by the Property Inventory Committee and a number of employees.

The company’s delegation discussed the properties and assets of the Libyan Airlines company in Tobruk with the airport. They also discussed the coordination mechanism between the airport’s departments and the company, and the possibility of resuming Libyan Airlines flights through Tobruk airport, especially since the airport has all the facilities to receive all internal and external flights.

The Director General of Tobruk Airport, Saad Jaballah, confirmed the airport administration’s cooperation with the Libyan Airlines company to return to its previous position with a continuous pace of work. He noted that Libyan Airlines is considered a mother to airlines in Libya and a national symbol that everyone should support and stand with.

Notably, the Head of the Presidential Council, Mohamed Mnifi and his Deputy, Abdullah Al-Lafi visited Tobruk Airport two days ago. He held a meeting at the airport hall with the mayors of the municipalities of the Butnan region, in the presence of the Director General of Tobruk International Airport.