Italy Seeks Return of Its Companies to Libya


On Tuesday, the Italian-Libyan Chamber of Commerce confirmed that the return of Italian companies to Libya was important for the development of the two countries.

In press statements, President of the chamber, Gianfranco Damiano said, “We have funds from the 1990s that amount to €230 million euros, agreed upon with the government at that time, and extend to the period after also.”

He pointed out that “the number of Italian companies currently operating in Libya are very few. Perhaps there are twelve companies remaining, and they may not even reach this number.” He explained that this was “very limited compared to the 150-200 companies that existed before, so there is a huge difference.”

“It is important to give companies a chance to return to Libya,” he added, “These resources would represent an important injection for our country’s economy.”

“There are a few Italian companies, that play strategic roles. Many maintenance operations, including that of strategic systems and services, are carried out by Italians. The fact that Prime Minister Mario Draghi’s first official visit outside the country to Libya makes us more than satisfied,” he claimed. “We are aware of his position and hope that matters will change very quickly in terms of bilateral relations, and we believe that his presence today is of great importance.”