Egypt to Increase Capacity of Electricity Linkage Line with Libya


The spokesman for the Egyptian Ministry of Electricity, Ayman Hamzah, confirmed that his country discussed the possibility of raising the capacity of the electricity linkage line with Libya.

In statements to the Al-Haqiqa talk show, broadcasted on the “Extra News” channel, Hamzah said that the process of raising the capacity of the connecting line comes within the framework of Egypt being a focal point for energy exchange.

He pointed out that work is continuing to find and develop new interconnecting lines and strengthen the current connecting lines to meet the needs of the regional neighbours, including Libya, Sudan, Jordan, or Iraq, in addition to connecting with Europe through Cyprus and Greece.

The Ministry’s spokesman added that Egypt is an important corridor between Africa and Europe. He pointed out that Europe is very interested in obtaining energy from renewable sources, and Egypt has abundance and a promising future to expand renewable energies.

He noted that Africa has many renewable resources, explaining that Egypt’s location is an important strategic location, as it connects three continents, namely Africa, Asia, and Europe.