Libyan Minister of Transportation Suspends Libyan Airlines Employment Decisions


On Saturday, Mohamed Al-Shahoubi, the Minister of Transportation of the Libyan Government of National Unity (GNU), addressed a letter to the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company and the Libyan Airlines Company regarding employment operations.

In a statement, the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company revealed that the Minister of Transportation, in his capacity as Chairman of the General Assembly of Libyan African Aviation Holding Company, asked the company and the Libyan airline to stop the employment decisions.

The statement issued by the Libyan African Aviation Holding Company stated that the speech of Mohamed Al-Shahoubi included a request to stop the decisions of dispatching employees to external stations.

Notably, the Libyan Minister of Transportation of the GNU, gave permission for the airline to resume operating domestic flights between Tobruk Airport and Al Bayda’s Al Abraq Airport in the East of the country.

On Monday, in a letter addressed to the General Director of the Libyan Airlines Company and the Director General of the Afriqiyah Airways Company, Al-Shahoubi said that swift measures needed to be taken to resume domestic flights in Libya and to submit schedules of regular flights to the Civil Aviation Authority.

The Director General of Tobruk International Airport, Saad Al-Kahashi, confirmed that the airport is ready to resume domestic flights according to the available capabilities. He pointed out that the capacity of Tobruk Airport is similar to that of other airports across the country.