Libya Needs 500,000 Tunisian Workers for Reconstruction Efforts


The Chairman of the Tunisian-Libyan Business Council, Abdelhafiz Al-Skraafi, said that the Libyan market needs about 500,000 Tunisian workers for Libya’s reconstruction efforts. He noted that about 50,000 Tunisian workers have arrived in Libya recently.

In press statements he said that the “anticipated improvement” in the exchange rate of the Libyan dinar and the gradual recovery of the currency would help Tunisians to go to work there. Currently the rate “does not encourage” Tunisian workers to work in Libya.

Al-Skraafi indicated that preliminary estimates of labour contracts in Libya indicate an increase in Tunisia’s share by 20% after the increase in demand for a number of medical and service specialties and professions related to construction and oil.

Al-Skraafi pointed out that the commercial contracts to be signed between the two countries would increase the Libyan demand for Tunisian industrial products, and expand the factories’ ability to receive more workers to meet the Libyan demand.