Female Members of Libyan Dialogue Forum Demand Elections Take Place in December


On Tuesday, thirteen female members of the Libyan Political Dialogue Forum (LPDF) signed a statement demanding that the general elections be held on time.

“The Libyan people will not accept an alternative to Presidential and Parliamentary elections. They will cast their votes directly through the ballot boxes on the elections’ scheduled date on 24 December 2021,” the statement said.

“We declare our adherence to the constants and recommendations contained in our statement issued at the LPDF meeting held in Tunis last November,” the statement added.

The LPDF members warned that delaying the elections will cause the Libyan people to lose confidence in government officials. They confirmed that they will assume their full responsibilities in “fortifying” the roadmap and the date set for the elections, should the issuance of the necessary legislation be disrupted or obstructed.