Tarhouna Military Commander Killed in Benghazi


On Tuesday, Mohamed Al-Kani, Commander of the former 7th Brigade (later 9th Brigade), was killed south of Benghazi, during an operation to arrest and interrogate him.

Military sources confirmed that a detachment of the armed forces raided the Al-Kani residence to arrest him. The sources denied that the operation or its circumstances was an assassination attempt, but confirmed that he had resisted and was killed in the ensuing fighting. A third person mentioned in the investigations was arrested.

The sources added that the arrest order came from the Military Prosecutor, in addition to arrest warrants and investigations issued by the Public Prosecutor regarding crimes that Al-Kani is accused of committing, including kidnappings. The investigations indicated that he was also accused of a number of violations during the 2019 war in Tripoli, primarily during his alliance with former Interior Minister, Fathi Bashagha, and with militia leader Salah Badi in the 2018 war.

He is also accused of crimes during the time of the General National Congress (GNC) and the National Salvation Government, and for his involvement in a massacre against fighters who withdrew from Warshafana in 2017.

The military sources confirmed that several accomplices were arrested in Tarhuna, and stated that “there is no room for covering up anyone under any slogan, while the country is heading to an anticipated stage of stability.”

The same sources indicated that they would not allow anyone involved in the accusations taking place in Tarhuna to flee, and called on the security and military authorities in the western region to follow suit and prosecute those involved in sending fighters to Benghazi during the war on terrorism in the city.