Spain’s Repsol Plans to Resume Oil Exploration in Libya


On Tuesday, the General Manager of Repsol Libya Branch, Simone Sciamanna met with the Chairman of Libya’s National Oil Corporation (NOC) Mustafa Sanalla to discuss the return of the Spanish company’s activity in Libya.

Sciamanna explained that the stability of the security situation in Libya has encouraged them to resume their activities in the North-African country.

Sciamanna said Repsol is conducting “extensive and serious” studies to transform its El-Sharara operations for solar power generation.

He added that the results of the studies and evaluations will be presented to the NOC’s Board of Directors upon completion, in order to move forward with the implementation of this vital project.

“It is important that maintenance operations are carried out for the infrastructure of the El-Sharara Oil Field, so the company will be able to achieve its goals and advance production in the coming years,” Sciamanna said.

For his part, Sanalla stressed that the NOC has “strategic objectives of paramount importance to support the national economy, primarily, increasing production rates, which can only come through continuous preventive measures to maintain the infrastructure.”