Tensions Between PM Al-Sarraj and Governor Al-Kabir


Ramzi Al-Agha, the head of the Liquidity Crisis Committee at the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) based in Al Bayda, discussed the conflict between the Prime Minister Fayez Al-Sarraj of the Government of National Accord (GNA) and the Governor of the Tripoli-based CBL, Sadiq Al-Kabir.

In an interview with Al Arab news agency, Al-Agha claimed that Al-Sarraj would be unable to dismiss Al-Kabir from his post as CBL Governor and faced the risk that Al-Kabir would have him removed as Prime Minister instead, noting that the vast majority of militias in Tripoli are paid by the CBL.

Al-Agha claims that Al-Kabir has become deeply entrenched in the day-to-day affairs of state, meeting with mayors of municipalities and heads of militias to offer favorable foreign exchange rates and lines of credit in exchange for their loyalty.

According to sources, Al-Kabir refuses to attend meetings of the CBL’s Board of Directors to ensure his post remains unchallenged.

Last week, Al-Sarraj and Al-Kabir had a public conflict argument over the country’s foreign exchange rates. Al-Sarraj is believed to have sent thinly veiled threats to the Governor by calling to unify the CBL, as well as by requesting the UN to intervene in the Bank’s activities.

Al-Kabir has since sent a letter to Al-Sarraj informing him of the Bank’s agreement to sell foreign currency at the official rate in order to purchase food, pharmaceuticals and raw materials for manufacturing in the country.