Libyan Health Minister Follows Up on Ways to Manage Coronavirus Crisis with Field Tour


The Health Minister for Libya’s eastern-based Interim Government, Saad Agoub, has inspected the Clinical Isolation Centre at Al-Shehat Hospital for Chest Diseases to ensure that it is ready to deal with the coronavirus outbreak, especially after being provided necessary medical equipment by the Ministry of Health.

Following the minister’s field visit on Sunday, Agoub held an expanded meeting with the chairman and members of the Medical Advisory Committee in the presence of the Director of the Health Services Department to discuss several topics.

The most important of which is hospital equipment and dealing seriously with the virus.

During the meeting, the Minister of Health gave a briefing on the progress of medical departments and the quality of services and capabilities to support the treatment system in all regions of the country.

The Minister stressed that all quality systems for infection control should be followed along with monitoring, investigation and early warning procedures, in addition to implementing the Health Ministry’s instructions and rapid response to confront the coronavirus.

The Minister of Health stressed during the meeting that his ministry will provide all medical capabilities to all medical centres in Libya to prevent the spread of the virus, in the hope of bringing all health centres into a ready position to face the emergency.