Libyan Parliament: Elections on 24 December “Impossible”


The committee formed by the Libyan Parliament to follow up the electoral process, concluded that it is “impossible” to hold the Presidential elections on their scheduled date of 24 December.

The Head of the committee, Al-Hadi Al-Saghir wrote a letter to Parliament Speaker, Ageela Saleh stressing that the committee reached this conclusion “after reviewing the technical, security and judicial reports.” He asked Saleh to return to his previous position and preside over the upcoming Parliamentary sessions.

The committee called for the development of a new road map, “in line with the data resulting from the obstruction of the elections.” It also stressed the end of the Government of National Unity’s (GNU) mandate as a caretaker government.

Earlier, Libyan MP, Ali Al-Tekbali said that the Parliament is ready to remove the GNU headed by Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, and form a new national government.

Al-Tekbali said in press statements that the GNU’s mandate ends on 24 December, and it is not “legally” entitled to remain after that date.

The opposition MP pointed out that all existing bodies do not have the right to continue their work after the 24 December deadline. He called for “real” national reconciliation after the departure of the government and the appointment of a new one.

He also indicated that the PM may refuse to hand over power, “this is very possible, especially as he relies on militias to keep him in power.”

Notably, Italy’s Nova news agency reported that the postponement of the Presidential elections will be announced on Monday. It added that the Libyan Parliament is planning to appoint a new “technocratic” government to lead the country until the new elections, which are expected to take place at the end of January or February.

The mediating role between all parties will be assumed by Stephanie Williams, the former acting UN Envoy. She was recently appointed by the UN Secretary-General as his Special Adviser to Libya (SASG).

Spokesman for the Libyan Parliament, Abdullah Blaiheg said that it is impossible to hold the Presidential elections on their scheduled date of 24 December. He confirmed that the Parliament will soon discuss a report issued by the High National Elections Commission (HNEC), on the obstacles and that led to delay.

Blaiheg said in a press statement that postponing the elections “has become a new reality and not an option.”

“We are waiting to review the commission’s report to determine the current status of the elections,” he noted.