Libyan MP: International Community Against Solution


Libyan Member of Parliament, Misbah Doma said that the elections “will inevitably come with a firm basis that will not be stopped by any force majeure, but we must replace the tools to reach them.”

“I think that the time is not suitable for settling scores, and we must rise above the mutilation and fishing operations in troubled waters. As well as the introduction of foreigners to break the partners of the homeland,” he tweeted.

“The experience before us shows that the international community does not want a solution to the Libyan crisis, but rather works to manage it, only to achieve its interests,” he added.

On Tuesday, 125 Libyan Parliamentary candidates signed a joint statement calling for adherence to 24 January as the date for the Presidential elections in the country.

The 125 candidates demanded the announcement of a preliminary list of candidates for the legislative elections, and the final lists of Presidential candidates.

They also stressed the need to set 6 March 2022 as the date for voting for the second round, concurrent with the Parliamentary elections.

The candidates said, “the real spoiler is the one who is trying to prolong the chaos in Libya and refuses to give the Libyan people the right to elect their representatives.”

Earlier, the committee formed by the Libyan Parliament to follow up on the electoral process, concluded that it would be “impossible” to hold the elections as scheduled.

Meanwhile, Libya’s High National Elections Commission (HNEC) proposed postponing the first round of the national elections to 24 January, a month from their scheduled date.

“The Libyan Parliament shall take measures to remove the ‘force majeure’ that stops the completion of the electoral process,” HNEC added.

It also affirmed the impartiality and independence of the commission, saying there are “campaigns of confusion and misinformation being hatched, aimed at obstructing the elections.”

“We would like to stress that we have not abdicated our responsibilities, and we have accomplished what we have set out to do,” HNEC said.