French Frigate Deploys in EU’s Operation ‘IRINI’


The French frigate ‘Jean Bart’ has joined the EU’s Operation IRINI, which is tasked with monitoring the UN arms embargo off the coast of Libya.

This anti-aircraft frigate (Cassard-class) will patrol the Central Mediterranean.

The Armed Forces Staff explained that Jean Bart’s observation and detection capabilities will help prevent the risk of instability in the region, in cooperation with other European partners.

It is taking over from the stealth light frigate Aconit, which temporarily assisted the European operation during its route in the Mediterranean Sea.

The Jean Bart was engaged in 2019 in the Indian Ocean, under the control of the admiral commanding the French fleet.

It was used for drug confiscation, presence and patrol missions in an area stretching from the Persian Gulf to the north of the Arabian Sea.

It conducted surveillance of maritime activity in the sensitive Strait of Hormuz, which was the subject of increased tension at the time between Iran and Euro-Atlantic countries.

It previously took part in the training of several navies from the region, including Qatar, Oman and the United Arab Emirates.