Bashagha “Hopes” Geneva Talks Result in National Agreement


On Wednesday, Libya’s Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha held a meeting with members of the High Council of State (HCS), to discuss the latest developments in the political arena.

During the talks, Bashagha affirmed his support for the ongoing talks between the Speaker of the Libyan Parliament, Ageela Saleh and the Head of the HCS, Khaled Al-Mishri. These are regarding reaching a consensus on the constitutional framework for holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections as soon as possible.

“I hope it will result in a Libyan national agreement on the constitutional and executive tracks, leading to the successful holding of elections,” Bashagha stated.

Saleh and Al-Mishri met in Geneva on Tuesday, to begin two-day talks under the auspices of the UN. The talks will focus on a draft constitutional framework for elections, after Libya’s rival factions failed to reach an agreement in their last round of talks in Cairo.

Tensions on the ground are growing, and sporadic clashes between rival militias have recently erupted in Tripoli. Living conditions have also deteriorated, especially given the shutdown of oil facilities by protesters.

The blockade was largely meant to cut off key state revenues to Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba, who has refused to cede power to Bashagha. This has resulted in a fierce rivalry, sparking
fears the oil-rich country could slide back to fighting after tentative steps toward unity last year.