Chinese Diplomat Urges Security Council to Settle Libyan Crisis


On Wednesday, Zhang Jun, China’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations stressed that the Libyan issue, along with the Russian-Ukrainian crisis “require the Security Council to make good use of its toolbox, and play its proper role according to the specific conditions of each conflict and country.”

Jun, who holds the 15-member Security Council’s rotating presidency for August, emphasised that China’s key working method will be to “promote dialogue, consultation, and cooperation among conflicting parties in Libya and Ukraine so as to facilitate the settlement of hotspot issues.”

The Chinese diplomat stressed that Libyan parties should “remain calm and restrained to avoid any actions that could escalate tensions or lead to miscalculations.” He called on the organ’s members to work closely with each other to “promote trust and cooperation to better carry out the Council’s duty to resolve ongoing tensions, especially in Libya.”

“One of China’s priorities for the month, is promoting common security through dialogue and cooperation,” he noted.

Jun expressed hope that parties will reflect on what kind of international security is needed, how larger security disasters can be avoided, and how the United Nations can play a more effective role in maintaining international peace and security. “Humanity shares the same future and planet, and any country’s security is indivisible from that of others,” he stressed.

Another signature event will be held on 8 August, focused on supporting Africa’s capacity to build and sustain peace. Notably, many African countries are facing crises such as the COVID-19 epidemic, conflicts, and climate change. He warned that years of development gains and hard-won peace are “in danger of being swept away” by current global crises.

Jun added that Libya and other African countries have been the main victims of the butterfly effect of crises and conflicts occurring outside the region. “The international community must evaluate how best to help these countries. We must go beyond humanitarian aid and focus on economic development,” he stressed.