Libyan Bodybuilder Wins Silver Medal in International Bodybuilding Championship


Libyan bodybuilder, Kamal El-Gargani won second place in the Tampa Pro International Bodybuilding Championship.

The Libyan champion hopes to prepare, in order to regain the title of Mr. Olympia 2022 in the 212 weight category. The top four included Akim Williams, Kamal El-Gargani, Quinton Eriya, and Joseph Mackey.

The competition took place on 6 August in Tampa, Florida. The contest is a highlight in the IFBB Pro League schedule. El-Gargani made his debut in the men’s open by competing in Tampa.

Even at the age of 51, El-Gargani said that he sees “progress in the development of my physique. So, now is the time to test the open waters,” according to the MuscLeand Fitness website.

“I feel great, and I see my body has been improving. So, I see this as a way to show the world of bodybuilding that age is just a number, if you play smart,” he said. “If you go crazy at anything, you’re going to finish early. If you’re smart, then you can go on forever.”

“When I won the Olympia 212, it was in Vegas. Then, it moved to Orlando for two years. Now it’s going back to Vegas. I’m going back to Vegas, and I want to get my title back,” he shared emphatically.