Libyan MP: Campaign Against Libyan Army


The Chairman of the Libyan Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, Youssef Al-Agouri stated that the “repeated campaigns of hatred and incitement against the Parliament aim to strike the military institution.”

He claimed that the Parliament “gave great support and legality to the military institution to work through a democratic process. As well as from the representatives of the Libyan people, who chose them in free elections.”

Al-Agouri noted that such campaigns recently resulted in the attack on the Parliament’s headquarters in Tobruk, setting it alight, and destroying documents inside.

In press statements, Al-Agouri confirmed that the “military institution, which succeeded in building its units and succeeded in the war on terrorism and armed groups, faces a real danger of being delegitimised. It derives politically from the Parliament, which has always prioritised building a unified military to protect the nation.”

The MP warned that there is “a real danger of returning to square one. This is a return to the chaos of armed and extremist groups, and failing to transition to a state of institutions and law that all Libyans aspire to.”

He expressed his “deep surprise that sensitive state agencies did not warn of the attack on the Parliament headquarters, or to prevent saboteurs from attacking it. This raises questions for the heads of those agencies.”

Al-Agouri confirmed that the investigations into the attack are still ongoing. He added that the investigations will “reveal the identity of the negligent, and they will receive the punishment they deserve.”

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