Bashagha Reiterates Readiness to Cooperate


Libyan Prime Minister-designate, Fathi Bashagha renewed his readiness to cooperate in order to reach a peaceful consensus, according to the Government Information Office.

This came during two separate meetings with members of the Libyan Parliament, and the High Council of State (HCS). They discussed the latest developments in the political situation, and the work of the Constitutional Path Committee.

During the meetings which were held via video call, Bashagha praised “the national role of the members of the two councils.” He also hailed their “keenness to perform their duties despite all the difficulties, and to continue their work to reach a consensus on controversial articles on the constitutional base in preparation for holding Presidential and Parliamentary elections.”

The members of the two House’s confirmed that they would continue to support the intra-Libyan consensus efforts. They added that they will “spare no effort to continue on this path, and to preserve the gains achieved through it.”

On Monday, Bashagha said that “outlawed criminal groups under the order of his rival, Prime Minister Abdel-Hamid Dbaiba caused chaos and terrorized Tripoli.”

In a statement, Bashagha renounced the use of violence, and adhered to the peaceful exercise of politics.

He also accused Dbaiba of “taking advantage of the state’s resources and capabilities, to support armed groups that consolidate his rule and authority.”

Bashagha added that the outgoing Premier “consolidates the logic of force and fait accompli, establishing a tyrannical dictatorship that imprisons and kills all who oppose it.” As well as adding that “he leads a clan controlling Tripoli, practising corruption, dictatorship, repression, and terrorism. His family is pawning Libya, its people, and its future to its will and ambitions. They are responsible for bloodshed and looting of public money.”