Di Maio: “A Truce and a Ceasefire Are Two Difficult Goals”


Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio said that “the pursuit of a truce and a ceasefire in Libya are two difficult goals”.

Di Maio said this during the third ‘International Follow Up Committee on Libya’ after the Berlin Conference, which was held on Wednesday via videoconference.

He stated that there was “a full resumption of fighting on various front lines” and that “we have seen grad rockets and artillery shells launched against health facilities, residential neighborhoods, ports and airports on an almost daily basis,” Italian News Agency ‘Aki’ reported.

“In Libya, there continues to be massive external interference in the interest of both conflict parties, whether it is through the intervention of foreign fighters or by sending advanced weapons.” Di Maio added, noting “the analysis according to which neither side has the ability to excel militarily remains true”.

Di Maio concluded that “the recent political proposal of Ageela Saleh, which is an eight-point road map, has the advantage of putting dialogue and negotiations on the table. This can represent a useful opportunity to break the deadlock”, stressing that Italy is “looking very carefully at the proposal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives” in Tobruk.