Eastern Based Libyan Central Bank Announces Regional Expenditures in Libya


The Central Bank of Libya (CBL) branch based in Al-Bayda announced that total spending in the first quarter of 2020 amounted to 9.06 billion dinars. This is divided between the Al-Bayda branch spending 1.6 billion dinars and 7.4 billion dinars from the in Tripoli branch.

A statement issued by the CBL stated that “Benghazi’s spending during the period from January to March amounted to 18% of the total public spending. This indicates that the actual expenditures on salaries and the like in the eastern region amounted to 1.3 billion dinars, with the administrative expenditures reaching 302 million dinars.

The Central Council of Al-Bayda explained that “approximately 2 billion dinars are paid from the Ministry of Finance in Tripoli, which represents the salaries in the eastern region”.

The Central Bank in Tripoli announced that its first quarter spending was 7.4 billion, with approximately 5.85 billion spent on salaries, 202 million dinars on administrative expenses, and 1.07 billion dinars on support.