Italy to Hold Meeting on Libya


On Thursday, the Italian Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio announced that he will address the situation in Libya during a meeting with his French and German counterparts, as well as with High Representative for Foreign Policy in the European Union, Josep Borrell.

In a speech at the Italian Senate, Di Maio stressed that the stabilization of Libya remained an “absolute priority for the Italian government”.

He said that once the European Union’s naval Operation ‘IRINI’ was approved by the Italian parliament, it would be under Italian command with Greek naval support.

“The missions command will be Italian, and the naval command will alternate with Greece, but there will still be an Italian chief of staff”, Di Maio said.

Seven UN agencies called for a ceasefire on Wednesday in Libya to stem the spread of COVID-19, saying the international community “must not turn a blind eye to the conflict”. Libya currently has 64 confirmed cases of Coronavirus and has registered 3 deaths due to the virus.