US: 80% of Libyans Want Elections


“The Libyan parties must search for solutions and set standards for holding elections,” said Samuel Warburg, the Regional Spokesman for the US Department of State, noting that “80% of Libyans want elections.”

In statements to the Egyptian newspaper Akhbar Al-Youm, confirmed the importance of the Libyan crisis for Egypt. He pointed out that the United States, since the beginning of the conflict in Libya, “has been, and is still in contact with Egypt, and there are no discussions about Libya in which the Egyptian side does not participate.”

“As an official spokesperson in the US Department of State, I cannot talk about the legitimacy of the agreements because that is something that jurists specialize in, but it can be said that these agreements are not in the interest of the Libyan people.” This is in reference to the memorandum of understanding signed between Libya’s Government of National Unity (GNU) with Turkey, regarding the exploration of oil and gas.

“It is necessary for the Libyan people to choose the government that will carry out any international agreements. The entire international community realises that there is now no government, apparatus, or institution in Libya elected by the Libyans,” he added.

Regarding the reopening of the US Embassy in Tripoli, Warburg indicated that this is related to “circumstances regarding the existence of internal affairs, including holding elections and forming the government and state institutions, but the security conditions are not appropriate now.”