Health Ministry Calls For COVID-19 Precautions in Sebha


The Libyan Minister of Health, Dr. Saad Agoub, called on the Chairman and members of the Medical Consultative Committee in Sebha to implement strict precautionary measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after two cases were discovered in the city.

According to the Ministry’s media office, Dr.Agoub called on citizens to take care of personal hygiene, wash their hands regularly, avoid touching their eyes, noses and mouths, and to stay away from crowds or places that lack good ventilation.

He stressed the need to quickly notify the Ministry of any suspected cases showing symptoms such as high temperature, dry throat and dry cough.

Dr.Agoub stressed to the Medical Consultative Committee and the Monitoring, Investigation and Rapid Response Teams that all healthcare personnel should take extra care when dealing with infected patients.

Quarantining suspected cases, reducing travel, and thorough monitoring procedures are necessary to stop the spread of the virus.