Tripoli to Host North African Forum on Internet Governance

Tripoli to Host North African Forum on Internet Governance
Tripoli to Host North African Forum on Internet Governance

The Libyan Internet Association announced that Tripoli will host the North African Internet Governance Forum in May.

The forum is sponsored by the General Authority for Communications and Informatics, and with the participation of the Libya Telecom and Technology Company (LTT).

In a press conference, Abdel Basset Al-Baour, the Director of the Communications Authority saw this as “a new start to keep abreast on developments in the field of communications and information technology. As well as a consolidation of the efforts made by the United Nations in launching the Internet Global Governance Forum (IGF), and holding its annual forums to engage the various stakeholders in dialogue.”

Al-Baour confirmed that Internet governance, “is a fundamental issue that will prevent chaos online, and contribute to reducing its negative effects on societies.”

He emphasised the significance of developing a plan for achieving inclusive internet governance. Al-Baour deemed this issue “essential,” highlighting the need for national and regional levels to develop the legal framework for the Internet and its governance. As well as acknowledging that all efforts in this area are “still in their infancy.” This is done in order to protect any achievements from abuse, that may impede progress.

In order to improve the ability to use the internet and digital technologies for sustainable development, he urged stakeholders in Africa to develop national and regional action plans for internet governance, and to involve multiple stakeholders in their implementation.

Al-Baour cited the efforts made to start national internet governance projects, based on comparable initiatives. He stated that this was done to make it possible for many stakeholders to take part, and coordinate relevant actions.

He underscored the need for “concerted efforts among all to develop the legislative environment so that the private sector can participate in the full telecommunications services provided to users. This will not be a distant matter as long as there are such forums that shed light on problems, and how they can be solved with the transfer of experiences that many countries of the world have gone through in areas of communication and internet governance.”