Libya’s Health Minister Orders Not to Publish The Names of COVID-19 Patients


On Saturday, the Health Minister for Libya’s eastern-based Interim Government Saad Agoub urged the media outlets and Libyan people not to release the names of people infected with the Coronavirus (COVID-19).

He added that according to the law of medical responsibility and the protection of the patient’s rights, the patient’s secrets must not be disclosed.

The minister also called on social media users to stick to the official data issued by the Supreme Committee, the Ministry of Health, and the Medical Advisory Committee, the latter which announced its daily report on the latest developments related to dealing with the virus.

Agoub stressed the need for the medical staff to carry out their work as required by professional ethics and scientific principles.

He stressed the continuation of work, coordination, and cooperation between the concerned authorities, which contributes to the immediate dealing with the crisis to ensure the safety and health of citizens.