Libyan Parliamentarians Stress The Need to Stop Bloodshed


About 44 members of the House of Representatives issued a joint statement on Sunday, stressing the need to preserve the social fabric of Libya and avoid bloodshed.

In a statement, they called on the parties to the conflict to urgently return to the political track and form an executive authority.

On the formation of the new executive authority, the statement stressed the need to establish a presidential council consisting of a president, two deputies, a prime minister and a government of national unity, with a Libyan consensus and without prejudice to any party.

They demanded that all necessary measures be taken to reject bloodshed, return to the political track and adhere to the dialogue that took place in Geneva, which called for a humanitarian truce in preparation for a final ceasefire agreement.

The members of parliament believe that continuing to fight is an imperfect option and that the best solution is to return to the negotiating table without preconditions, as previous political efforts based on stipulations stumbled and led to a flare-up in the fighting in the country.