Libya’s Interim Government Sends Second Shipment of Medical Supplies to Sebha


The Libyan Interim Government has sent a second shipment of equipment and medical supplies to the health units in Sebha to enhance their capacity to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

The Interim Prime Minister, Abdullah Al-Thinni gave orders this week to the Health Minister Dr. Saad Aqoub to immediately send all necessary equipment, medicines and medical supplies to Sebha.

Al-Thinni also called on the southern city residents to abide by all precautionary measures set by the Supreme Advisory Medical Committee to Combat Coronavirus, stressing the necessity of complete commitment to the curfew and social distancing measures in order to curb the outbreak of the deadly virus.

On Saturday, 12 new cases were reported by the NCDC in Sebha. The outbreak has resulted in a lockdown of the city and prevention of inter-city travel, postponement of plans to reopen schools in early June and the formation of a committee to investigate the sudden outbreak.