GNA Artillery Continues in Qasr Bin Ghashir


On Sunday, sources reported the death of Lujain Mohamed Buresh after a shell landed on her home in Qasr Bin Ghashir.

The shells are thought to have been launched by armed groups loyal to the Government of National Accord (GNA).

The indiscriminate shelling by armed groups on Qasr Bin Ghashir in southern Tripoli has been ongoing for a week. The shells have been targeting residential neighborhoods and civilian infrastructure.

The “Volcano of Anger Operations Room” claimed that its artillery targeted Libyan National Army (LNA) strongholds in Qasr bin Ghashir.

The operations field commander, Al-Taher Bin Gharbeya, called on the people of Qasr Bin Ghashir to leave their homes and go to Misrata or Tripoli.

During an interview with a television channel, Bin Gharbeya said: “It is only a matter of hours and pincers will be made on Qasr bin Ghashir, after which the enemy will withdraw to Tarhuna. There it will be under our artillery shell fire, so we say to the people of Qasr bin Ghashir leave your homes. It is a military zone and the bombing will continue until we get rid of Haftar’s forces. We can provide alternative accomodation for you in Misrata or Tripoli”.

Political commentator Noman Bin Othman called on the people of Qasr bin Ghashir to flee from the missiles and leave their homes or else risk losing their loved ones.

In a tweet on Sunday, Bin Othman said “at Tripoli Airport and Qasr bin Ghashir, surrender yourselves to the state, law and justice, or prepare to lose your loved ones.”

“Our war plans and our field tactics in the southern Tripoli operations are too big for your militia minds to get. You Syrians and Turks.” Bin Othman added.